Terms of Service

By purchasing a service from Midnight Coffee, you agree to the below terms.

  1. After initial concept approval, all stock will be purchased under the presumption that the concept has been approved. After initial concept approval, there are a maximum of 4 rounds of revisions on all orders (excluding gaming logos and emote commissions). After the fifth round of revisions, subsequent changes are charged at a rate of $20USD per alteration.
  2. No design by committee. Initial concepts, or covers in any stage of their design are not to be shared in public, private, or other Facebook groups, Scribophile groups, writing forums, Instagram, or other social media. Finalised covers may be shared in public groups. I want to ensure every client receives exceptional service, but too many inputs from people not working in the genre, non-designers, and those who are not my client, can result in a lacklustre experience for all involved. A breach of this rule may result in an immediate severance of any contracts in place and client dismissal.
  3. There are no refunds on any orders due to the nature of the work. Any non-refundable deposits may not be refunded in any case. Refunds are available at the discretion of Midnight Coffee on select orders that Midnight Coffee feels unable to complete for any reason. For premades, there are to be no refunds whatsoever. There are to be no refunds on digital downloads (such as 3D Render Stock).
  4. All stock involved in the creation of a final product must be licensed properly. As such, Midnight Coffee cannot accept images, fonts, or other stock for finished work that has not been properly licensed for usage by Midnight Coffee.
  5. Midnight Coffee reserves the right to refuse any order for any service at their discretion.