Looking for premade fantasy book covers? My selection of fantasy book covers comprises of many different fantasy subgenres includes epic fantasy premades, urban fantasy cover design and low fantasy ebook covers with a focus on stunning, clean design that works well at thumbnail size. All of my fantasy premade covers can be expanded to paperback to ensure you’re ready to publish, and I offer custom book cover design at low prices.

Fantasy premade book covers should be designed with both your story, and the genre, in mind. When creating my premade designs, I consider a breadth of possibilities as well as current genre trends. When purchasing a premade book cover from Midnight Coffee, you’re able to have free changes to the design to ensure you receive a fantasy cover design that truly meets your story and genre expectations.

Do you want to see more options for fantasy premades? Feel free to suggest your ideas for any premade ebook covers in my Facebook group, to receive discounts, and the chance to see more of your favourite genres available in my store.