So, as someone who has pretty intermediate graphic skills, I can confirm that wowzers, this graphic designer is amazing. I commissioned a book cover from her and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. It’s more than I could’ve hoped for. 10/10 recommend!
Shailene Marks
Shailene MarksAuthor of ‘Butterfly in the Sky’
6 book contemporary series turned out beautiful. After my overly specific book 1 and 2 I gave her artistic freedom for the last 4 books with generic plans and ideas and she owned every single one!
I am so glad I found her, she made my Billionaire Network Series shine with her covers and usually gets the cover nailed in if not 1 but 2 tries.
Very highly recommend, very personable and she makes sure I am 1000% satisfied before we say its good.
Jay Marie Fyre
Jay Marie FyreAuthor of the ‘Billionaire Network’ Series
I ordered a cover from Kristy and she was so fantastic to work with! She indulged my every wish, thought, and idea. She was so patient and kind with all my wonky thoughts about how the cover should look. I am so happy with the finished product and how gracious she is. I can’t wait to work on future projects with her!
Heather Smith
Heather SmithAuthor of ‘Stars Ascending’

Looking to hire a book cover designer? I’m a freelance book cover artist based in the UK with nearly a decade of experience working in graphic design, and over 3 years specialising in book cover design, logo design and more. I work across a range of genres to create breath-taking romance ebook cover designs, out of this world fantasy book cover art, and more! The majority of work here is my most recent work for custom book cover design clients, as well as some older work I am especially proud of.

Want your own professional book cover design? I offer a wide variety of premade eBook covers at affordable prices, as well as the option to hire me for commercial work as a book cover designer that is truly unique to you. You can contact me via e-mail here, or discover my full range on my site. Want to see some of my client testimonials? Check out my Facebook page!

Book Cover Designer UK: What Genres Do I Do?

I specialise in a wide range of genres for book cover art, including paranormal romance, erotica, and fantasy. Over the years, I have become well acquainted with a myriad of genres and niche sub-genres, including historical romance, thriller, and crime fiction. If you are writing a genre that not many others cater for, I may be able to help you! For a lot of genres, having intense photomanipulation is important, and that is why I offer custom 3D renders as part of your order for free if required, as well as heavy manipulation – all of which is totally included in your price!